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Custom Acrylic Awards

Are you looking to send a message that you appreciate your employee, customer, owner, or vendor or that they have accomplished something really special. Would like that award to be identified with your business or organization for years to come?

Then give them something special – a custom acrylic or plastic award plaque, trophy, display or other item fabricated by Custom Acrylic Products. Your acrylic award(s) can be custom fabricated from acrylic blocks or sheets, can be of any reasonable shape or size. It can have your logo etched into it, mounted on a block, come in various colors, and more.We specialize in creating the EXACT acrylic corporate awards, acrylic tournament awards, acrylic employee awards, acrylic sports awards, and acrylic appreciation awards that you desire - a special gift or award that leaves a lasting impression.

The full line of items we can fabricate include: literature displays, plastic displays, literature holders, flyer displays, menu displays, menu holders, sign holders, acrylic displays, displays, clear plastic displays, flyer display stands, acrylic sign displays, acrylic display holders, acrylic holders, custom displays, sign holders, plastic literature displays, plastic literature holders, acrylic literature displays, acrylic sign holders, acrylic fabrication, acrylic, Plexiglas awards, Plexiglas displays, lexan, plastic displays, plastic display stands, plastic boxes, plastic covers, corporate awards, special gifts, acrylic prototypes, acrylic lecterns, and acrylic podiums.

Visit our  Awards or Gifts photo album  to see some examples of our awards and gifts.

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